Aha License Agreement

The AHA`s inability to enforce the conditions should not be construed as a waiver of a provision or right. If a provision of the conditions proves invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions will remain fully in force. The user cannot otherwise transfer, transfer or transmit the rights granted to him; AHA may cede one of these without prior notice or written consent. The conditions are invoked in favour of the AHA, its successors and its agents. The terms and conditions, privacy policy and all other legal information published by AHA on the website represent the full agreement between you and AHA regarding the use of the site. 11.2 These conditions, together with all the forms, form the whole agreement and unite all previous agreements between you and Aha! as far as the purpose of the latter is concerned. They do not rely on guarantees other than those expressly provided for in this section. These conditions will control all standard or boilerplate conditions contained in any document provided by you or by a third party acting on your behalf! including, but not limited to controls. Such conditions are expressly rejected by Aha! and are not part of those conditions. We can change these conditions from time to time, in which case the new conditions will take over from previous versions. We will announce any significant changes to these conditions by email or in-app messaging at least seven (7) days before they come into effect. If a provision of these conditions is not applied at any time, it does not constitute a waiver of that provision or any other provision of the conditions.

2.3 You agree not to authorize, sublicensing, selling, reselling, renting, renting, transferring, distributing, distributing, sharing or other commercial uses, or making available to third parties, with subscribers and end-users other than licensed to promote your internal activities, as expressly permitted by these conditions; (b) to use the service to process data as subscribers or end-users on behalf of third parties; (c) modify, adapt or hack the service or attempt to access the unauthorized service or systems or networks; (d) wrongly any sponsorship or any connection with Aha! (e) using the service in an unlawful manner, including, but not limited to, the violation of a person`s data protection rights; (f) use the service to send spam, spam, pyramid schemes or other forms of duplicative or unwanted messages; (g) use the service to store or transfer files, materials, data, text, audio, videos, images or other content that infringes a person`s intellectual property rights; (h) to use the service in a manner that compromises or disrupts the integrity or performance of the service and its components; (i) strive to decipher, decompilize, recompil or discover the source code of a software that is the service; (j) use the service to post, transfer, upload, send, send or store illegal, racist, hateful, offensive, defamatory, obscene or discriminatory content; (k) use the “protected health information” storage or transmission service, as defined at 45 C.F.R. 160.103; (l) use the service to knowingly transmit, transfer, link, send or store viruses, malware, Trojans, time bombs or similar malware (or (m) to attempt to use or use the service in case of violation of these conditions. As the copyright holder, the association is responsible for deterring copyright infringement by registering Perspectives on History (and all other AHA publications) with the U.S. Copyright Office, part of the Library of Congress.

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