Barclays Credit Card Agreement

About your credit report and credits: you agree that Barclays has the right to obtain an up-to-date credit report as part of our review of your application, and then a fee requested for an account from us, the renewal of your account or a change in your line of credit; and that we have the right to relate our credit experience with you to others. At your request, we will enter the name and address of each consumer registration point with which we have received a consumer report about you. Once your account is opened, we will regularly check your credit results. If you do not maintain your credit, we may change the terms of your account. Terms and conditions of authorization: I understand that the use of an open credit card account as part of this offer represents my acceptance of the terms and conditions of these terms and conditions and the Cardmember agreement sent to me. I agree to be responsible for all costs related to the Cardmember agreement. I understand that the terms of my account may change after opening my account in accordance with cardmember`s agreement. Barclays` privacy policy is available online at Regarding your application and offer: Depending on our verification of your application and credit history or if the income you have reported is not sufficient due to your current commitments, we may not be able to open an account for you. You also understand that if your application is approved for an account, the RPA and the type of account you will receive will be determined based on your creditworthiness.

Please read the material provided with your Cardmember contract for more details. The lack of information requested on this application may lead to a denial of credit. This offer is only available to applicants permanently residing in the United States, with the exception of Puerto Rico. This offer may not be available to you if you already have a credit card account with us. A transfer can take up to 4 weeks to book into your other credit card accounts. Continue to pay each creditor until the balance transfer is displayed on the other account as a credit. If you want to take out a credit transfer from another account that is not a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card, call the phone number on the back of your new credit card as soon as you have been approved. Changes to account and service terms: We reserve the right to amend the terms of account APR and others in accordance with the Cardmember Agreement, the Delaware Act and the Federal Truth in Lending Act. We also reserve the right to change the benefits and features of the card or account. For the purposes of your Barclaycard MasterCard`s ™ program® there is an incentive feature. This incentive function is not based on the actual benefits of the program. Instead, the Giveback™ program contains a transparent calculation that is used to determine what is shared with community members and what actual gains may or may not be reconciled.

The ™ program and incentive functions are offered at our discretion. We can stop the program at any time. They do not have any ownership or other legal rights in any aspect of the ™ program, including the amounts of interest that still need to be distributed and the forfeiture amounts resulting from the closing of the account or program. In addition, your account must be in good condition at the time of distribution of ™ to get the reward. Transparent calculations for the ™ program are provided online. To be eligible for Giveback™ you don`t need to register online or visit the site. The return amount™ is displayed only online; However, you don`t need to register to get the reward.

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