Durham Etfo Collective Agreement

As a Catholic school board, we respect the rights of our workers` unions and are pleased that a central agreement has been reached across the province for education workers represented by CUPE. 12 ARTICLE 5 – SALARY SCHEDULES AND ALLOWANCES (Cont d) 5.02 All full-month full-time or part-time teaching experience with a principal, who practices under the control of the laws and regulations of the Ontario Ministry of Education, but without occasional delivery or occasional increased teaching experience, is recognized for placement in the “basic salary list” up to a maximum teaching experience, which is not provided for in paragraph 5.02, may be recognized for placement in the “basic salary list” at the director`s discretion or be designated for placement in the “basic salary plan” at the director`s discretion. “a full year of learning is ten (10) full months, i.e. the months of September to June, including recognition of the learning experience on the “basic salary plan,” are submitted to the teacher who provides the principal with a satisfactory experience document, or (a) the moderator`s allowance is granted in accordance with paragraph 5.01, plus a liability bonus. The competency allowance for teachers who work as part-time moderators is assessed on the basis of the time allocated to the role of moderator. The aid to moderation is as follows: With effect on September 1 and 8 2.818 USD with effect at 1.09. September 2,874 with effect on September 1 and 10 2,960 with effect on 1 and 11 USD 3.049 (c) Educational Advisor/Administrator A teacher seconded to an educational advisor or administrator position is paid at a level not less than he deserved. In any case, the salary will not be lower than the first year base rate for a Deputy Prime Minister. In the event that the Board of Directors wishes to revise or rename an existing position or create a new position of additional responsibility within the bargaining unit, resulting in the revision of an existing remuneration or the introduction of new remuneration, the remuneration of this position is negotiated between the board of directors and the negotiating committee of the bargaining unit up to one point of the reciprocal agreement.

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