Peace Agreement Kushner

The plan itself does not impose conditions on Israel with regard to proposals for “annexation of parts of the West Bank”. [8] On 29 January 2020, Prime Minister Netanyahu declared that he intended to add 30% of the West Bank in a vote on 1 February 2020. [78] The meeting was never scheduled because the U.S. Embassy had changed its position on the annexation. [79] However, on January 29, the U.S. Ambassador to Israel stated that prior to the annexation of the West Bank or Jordan Valley, the Trump administration “wants to create a joint committee with Israel to discuss the subject” and that it is “impossible to know how long this process will last… we must ensure that the annexation of the card in our plan is compliant. [80] The next day, January 30, Kushner said that Washington wanted Israel to wait until after the March 2 elections before taking steps to annex settlements in the West Bank. [81] On February 2, 2020, Netanyahu`s cabinet cancelled a meeting to vote on the annexation of 30% of the West Bank after receiving mixed signals from the United States. [82] On February 4, 2020, Israeli settler leader David Elhayani, the president of the Yesha Council, said, “Kushner took a knife and put it behind Netanyahu`s back.” The settler leader said a senior U.S. official had told them that if the Palestinians did not accept the plan within 48 hours, Israel would be allowed to annex more than 30 percent of the West Bank. [83] In response to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu`s February 8 announcement that his government had begun to map the occupied West Bank, Ambassador Friedman said that “any unilateral action before the end of the commission process undermines the American plan and recognition.” [84] On February 15, the composition of the committee was announced. These include Friedman, his political advisor Aryeh Lightstone and Scott Leith, a National Security Council expert for Israel. Israeli members include Tourism Minister Yariv Levin and Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer.

No deadline has been set for the conclusion of the deliberations. [85] The agreement is a breakthrough for Muslims who want to come in peace to pray at the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, the third holiest place in Islam. Direct flights between the two countries will facilitate pilgrimages to al-Aqsa – a victory for religious pluralism and a rejection of the false narrative used by extremists to strengthen their ranks, that the mosque is under attack. As a result, Mr. Kushner stopped arranging a divorce between Mr. Palestine and Ms. Israel and instead took advantage of the mutual interest of Ms. Israel and Mr. Emirates to marry – not to mention President Trump`s personal interest in serving as a “justice of peace” that would take place on the White House lawn in the middle of a presidential campaign.

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