Review Film Wedding Agreement Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Smooth enough for the size of a dramatic movie, can be enjoyed with a feeling of happiness after watching. In addition, the soundtrack is tasty, even if it is not too big in the head. Rarely are there also stories of these visions of contracts that look very religious. The potential actually. That`s about less than this movie. Bian didn`t like it when Aldi came to deliver goods into the house. Dancing and she fights a little, but when she goes to the movies with Ami, Bian invites her “nicely” while watching a movie together at home. It`s better #dirumahaja hahaha. In the film, there is a kissing scene that Tari touches embarrassingly and until she closes her eyes with her hands. It was from there that Bian finally understood Tari`s innocence, especially since he had worn the hijab a long time ago. Then Bian dragged him into the room.

The story of the movie Wedding Agreement (2019) begins with the marriage of two people who were engaged because their parents were friendly. Like most drama movies in general, “Wedding Agreement” also contains a movie that can be guessed how the story ends..

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