Stamp Duty Payable On Loan Agreement In West Bengal

– heads of office where adhesive stamps are used or deposited must sometimes check the documents submitted to ensure that the stamps have been properly danced and have not subsequently been removed from the documents on which they are used. The inspection must be carried out at least once a quarter. The test prescribed here applies in the same way to all papers that require adhesive labels and must be subject to a similar test. Section 51 of Shedule 1 of the Bombay Stamp Act mentions stamp duty on five hundred rupees (item 500/-) on the return of the mortgaged property. The collector receives only the sum of Rs., which is the value of …… Corrupted stamps minus 10 Paise in each rupee of the face value. In the event that the property is not given or agreed, the stamp duty paid is five rupees per thousand, which represent (0.5%) the amount guaranteed by this deed.

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