Student Mobility Agreement

Step 9 Exceptional changes to the proposed mobility program (Learning Agreement) Please note that the processing time for changes is limited to four to seven weeks. The use of scanned signatures is recommended. When guiding the student, please emphasize the importance of ownership of program changes. Communication between student, study advisor and CRI is important. In a study conducted in late 2019 – early 2020, more than 90% of students said they would recommend OLA to their colleagues. In addition, 93% of IROs believe that all learning agreements should be put online via an easy-to-use tool. Welcoming students under mobility agreements under the PCI (Personalized Student Learning Plan) I do not know if I need a visa, as I have dual nationality. Where can I find out about the process of obtaining a student visa? Step 1 Institutional Call for Tenders The IRC (International Relations Coordinator) of the home institution may organize an annual information meeting to raise students` awareness of exchange opportunities, the application process and the necessary documents. Step 2 Grant Application filed with the National Agency The grant application must be submitted to the National Agency (NO) of the country of the applicant organization as part of the annual call for proposals.

The deadline for applications is usually March. Please follow the information provided by your NF regarding the annual call for proposals. Step 3 Student Mobility Application Package compiled and sent to the host institution The application file should contain: Student Credit Mobility Application Form How does a student mobility contract enroll in USAL? Do I have to go to my faculty office to be registered? The Student Mobility Contract is an agreement between you and the University of Sheffield on the conditions of your stay abroad and obtaining the Erasmus+ scholarship. The proposed document for a Memorandum of Understanding is submitted to the Protector of International Affairs for approval and managed by the International Relations Office, which negotiates and defines the content of the agreement with the foreign university. In 2015, ESN joined the initiative launched by the European University Foundation (FUE), called the Online Learning Agreement, which would develop a tool for students and universities to create and sign an e-learning agreement. . . .

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