Vacant Land Purchase Agreement Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Vacant Land Offer to Purchase form was developed by the Wisconsin Association of Realtors to be used as a standard offering document, which determines the extent and conditions of the proposal submitted by a potential buyer to a seller of the land. This form must be completed by a buyer or their respective representative. Form WB-13 is a standard form of an offer to purchase that, if accepted by a seller, leads to the conclusion of a contract. This contract differs from the usual contracts for the sale of real estate solely by the fact that an object of the contract does not constitute undeded land. This offer to purchase defines the common rights and obligations of the parties, the amount of a transaction and describes a condition of the property for sale. The parties signing the offer agree on a possible ground visit by the buyer and define all the provisions that could lead to the breach of the agreement. As a seller, you need someone who creates all the documents necessary to complete the sale of your property and coordinate the conclusion. Our “for sale by owners” services include: Your use of this website is subject to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Links Here are some useful links to the industry. Baraboo Chamber of Commerce Portage Chamber of Commerce City of Baraboo City of Portage Sauk County Treasurer Columbia County Treasurer Sauk County Register of Deeds Columbia County Register of Deeds Realtors Association of South Central Wisconsin Realtors Association Wisconsin Court Access Google Earth We realize there are many details to be found when you are ready to sell your home.

Although we advise you to work with a real estate professional, we would be happy to work with you if you have decided otherwise. Here at the Wisconsin River Title, we want you to know that we can help you sell your home at competitive prices. We pride ourselves on customer service, precision, competence and professionalism of the highest order. Please call us or email if we can help. This form explains itself: each point of the proposal is described in detailed explanations. As a general rule, you should provide the following information to complete this offer to complete: Documents Authorization to Receive Seller Home Offer Info to Purchase Leerland Offer to Purchase Residential Condoms Offer to Buy Against Offer of Cancellation and Reciprocal Sharing Addendum A Addendum A Addendum S – Lead Based Disclosure Condition Report Presentation Of the Purchase Form We have compiled the necessary forms to facilitate your closure. Call us or email us in Columbia County – | (608) 742-1500 Sauk County – | (608) 356-7800 The duration of the offer is indicated in the text of the form. If, at the end of this period, the seller does not accept the buyer`s offer, this offer is deemed invalid. After filling out and signing by the buyer, this form must be sent to the seller.

The offer to purchase must be accepted and signed by the seller to complete the ownership transaction.

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